Students: Geography’s Best Ambassadors

The students of Geography 491, Senior Seminar in Geography. Fall 2014

(Photo:  Geography 491–Senior Seminar in Geography, Syracuse University, Class of 2015,  Fall 2014.   Photograph by Joe Stoll.) Geographers frequently face the challenge of explaining to people outside the discipline what it is that they actually do.   In the way?   The Principal Products of Peru and the States and Capitals.   You know.  The belief that Geography is the rote memorization of facts associated with places.  Or, that it's about having…

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The world is becoming increasingly "collaboratory."  The old academic model–where researchers labored alone or solely with others from their own discipline–has been augmented by one in which researchers work with other researchers from other fields . . . collaboratory interdisciplinarity.  We can also see this outside of academia, with public-private partnerships, joint business ventures, and grassroots NGO and not-for-profit consortia.   Thus one of the most important skills that students can learn in…

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